Different Types Of Recumbent Trikes

Are you suffering from a neurological disorder? Choose the latest model of Recumbent Trike that will change your life for sure.

A recumbent trikes is always a healthy choice for them who have diseases of the spine, brain, and the nervous system. It provides a safe and pain-free workout for people of all ability levels.

If you are new to the triking world, we will be glad to inform you that mainly two types of recumbent trikes are available now in the market.

Those are Delta Trikes and Tadpole Trikes. Both are extremely common and have unique benefits as well as characteristics.

Let us tell you regarding both in more details.

Types of Recumbent Trikes

Types of Recumbent Trikes

Experience the thrill of the open road with these different types of recumbent trikes.

Delta Trike – tend to be maneuverable and versatile

Suitable for:

Delta Trike is ideal for them who are physically challenged in any way as it is straightforward to get in or off.

It offers limited mobility with overall out speed, till can beat others in terms of versatility and maneuverability. When it comes to jumping curbs, it reduces the chance of scratching.


Delta Trikes are featured with one wheel at the front position and two wheels in the rear. It looks like the Greek letter ‘DELTA’ similar to the triangle.


The delta design allows riders to be linked together also provides more options for them who are not able to operate this trike on their own. The front wheel offers a very tight turning radius that can be turned almost 90 degrees.


Delta trikes safely roll on fast curve also a very sharp and steep climb. The two rear wheels provide extra support to keep stuff in the backside. It will work great for grocery shopping and touring purposes.

Favorite Delta Model:

the popular models are RAD-Innovations Tri-RAD and Hase Bikes Kettweisel.

Tadpole Trike – your fastest freedom machine

Suitable For:

Tadpole Trike will be the best choice for those who have a concern on stability and speed. It can resist the cornering forces and keep the strike stable in under steer position at the extreme rate.


Sturdy Tadpole model comes with two wheels in the front and one in rear back.


There are two wheels in front of this trike which offer more speed and stability in cornering than delta models. It has a large turning radius that also better that delta strikes. You need to sit in a lower riding position that also helps the rider to get in or out quickly.


Tadpole trike effortlessly allows you to navigate in some tighter places.

Favorite Tadpole Model:

The popular models are HP Velotechnik Gekko fx and HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs.

Each type sets itself with individual pros and cons. you should evaluate your particular situation at first to choose the best and suitable one for you.  Enjoy safe biking with a suitable Trike.

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