Way To Get Big Quads From A Stationary Bike

Those big, huge, bulky legs of all the hard-core runners, bikers, sprinters look fascinating. Isn't it? Well, how about owning such massy big quads that you admire the most?

The cyclists, sprinters, climbers work on their core and crucial factor, their legs. Their legs have to be as steady and strong as a rock!

Well, to build big and sturdy quads requires effort, persistence, and consistency.

Big Quads From A Stationary Bike

A little heads up

Following a workout pattern is simple, easy, and effective. But, there are some crucial things to keep in mind and make sure if it is right before starting your workout.

  • Place a bottle full of water near to your reach.
  • Challenge yourself to peddle using just your legs. So, this can be achieved by resting your hands on your waist, head, or just folding it with an ease.
  • Place the seat to the lowest of all the levels. This helps your exercise gets much intensified.
  • Smile, push yourself harder, and start working out with a gush of enthusiasm!

Now, here are some workout patterns that can be useful in achieving those big quads:

little heads up

Pattern #1

By following a pattern wherein you strive for 30 seconds followed by rest time for 150 seconds. Now, cycling for 30 seconds should be brisk, hard, and fast enough to earn your brownie points to rest for a whole of 150 seconds. If your legs are burning up and pumping hard, then, you are getting it right!

You should aim to practice the same pattern for 8 sets. Thus, you can feel your muscles getting hard and strong. Of course, there can be times wherein you feel to quit and rest, but, remember, your 30 seconds of hard work helps you earn 150 seconds of relaxing time!

Pattern #2

Now, how about a slight change in the pattern? Let's swap the durations of biking time and rest time.

As practicing the same old routine can be too boring, let's sprinkle some change and uniqueness in every pattern. Shall we?

As we have tried to put in our effort to get the best in 30 seconds by pedaling harder and faster, let's give it a slight rest. In this pattern, let's bike for 180 seconds at a moderate speed as per your energy level. Now, enjoy your hard-earned rest tie for 60 seconds!

Follow the same pattern by repeating it 5 times and you are good to go for another unique pattern.

In this way, you can feel a forgiving feel on your legs and thus you can bounce back to action with a refreshed body!

Pattern #3

Now that you are well-versed in targeting for time, let's add some interesting twists to the same routine!

Designing a pattern is fun! So, let's shift our spotlight from biking time to the number of calories burnt. Even though you are aiming for a specific time while biking, it can be exhausting at times to keep a consistent pedaling pattern. In such cases, you can aim for some calories burnt to bring back the zeal within!

Pick your choice, say, 55 calories. So, you need to bike hard enough until you see yourself burn 5 calories. Now, treat yourself with your bonus reward i.e., rest time say, for 12 seconds.

As per our research, many are capable of burning around 12 calories in just one minute. So, aim to not go for more than 5 minutes.

Practicing the same pattern 5 times helps you stay refreshed and enthusiastic to look forward to our next designed pattern. Isn't it?

Pattern #4

So far so good? Now, we can leap on the concept called "fair and square". So, let's divide the bike time and rest time into 2 equal halves.

How about biking for 30 seconds and followed by resting for 30 exact seconds? Since you know that if you pedal harder consistently for the first half of a minute, then, you are going to rejoice the second half! So, keep going!

Practice the same pattern by repeating according to your body and energy level. However, as it is somewhat on a low key, one can successfully pull themselves for 18 minutes effectively! The key note is to stay consistent from the first set till the last or at least try to!

Pattern #5

Well, the equality task was quite relaxing yet effective.  As you have filled in your zeal and back in action, let's push harder. Ready?

Here's a pattern that is doubled up. How? Practice biking time for say, 460-480 seconds, and follow the rest time for about 220-240 seconds. This pattern relies on doubling the rest time and that should be your biking time!

480 seconds long biking can be hard. But, it is possible. Keep moving, keep pushing. You just have to repeat the same just one more time and you are done!


No matter how aesthetic our bike is or how great and healthy intake of food we design, the core responsibility to own those attractive big quads is the right choice of workout pattern.

Regular practice, consistency, and perseverance should be your lifestyle to create the quad-look you want! Make sure to follow the pattern with a focused and calm mind.

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