It’s A Great Fun: Riding On Recumbent Bike For Exercise

It’s always better to get entertained while doing hazy work as workouts. So exercise and onscreen, off screen amusement will surely bring good results. To keep this in mind some fitness clubs have gone to some extend by offering Cardio Cinema in which you can enjoy the big TV screen to watch movies/game in a darkroom and carry out your daily workouts.

Most of the workout machines require extra support to keep your balance, whereas the recumbent bike facilitate you in carry out your exercise without holding anything on something for better grip to keep you safe from falling down to ground.

Most of the kind of bicycle riding exercise will require this extra support. Except recumbent bike every indoor cycling workout machine has handles to hold. In my bike I can enjoy hand free workout.

This additional facilitates me in doing fun while running cardio exercise. I can enjoy the bellow multitasking fun same time with strength training.

Riding on Recumbent Bike with Exercise

Pedaling my way to a healthier lifestyle on my recumbent bike!

Watching Television

I like to watch my favorite sports on TV. That why I turn the direction of my recumbent bike towards the big screen in a reclined and relaxed position. I carry my bike near to the screen and switch on the screen before starting my daily exercise.

My bent have wheels at the bellow and that’s facilitate me in shifting the position very easily. If I had to change the channel, I don’t have to get down from the bent as I can keep the remote in my hand.

Reading novels

As while doing training on the bent, I don’t have to use my hands; I read books, magazines and novels of best author in the worlds.

From my childhood I developed my interest in reading different kinds of book and those reading always have given me mental stimulation, reduces anxiety, improves my memory, ability to think strategically and improves my focus and concentration.

My reading racks are always full of books so I never let them stay alone as I don’t have to bobbing up and down while continuing the workouts.

Playing low intense video game

Though I am not found of playing video game, but I know some of my friends who love to enjoy playing games even in office snacks time. They told me that they play video game while running on bent.

Playing video game and exercise

Stay active and entertained at the same time with this awesome recumbent bike setup.

Listening Audio

Since I like to acquire knowledge, I love listening audio books from downloading from online. Today these audio books are very easy to find from online and transferring them to your phones or iPods. I just have to use suitable holders to attach the audio kit so that it should not fall and destroy.

Social Networking Opportunity

I can save my social networking time while riding on the bike. The importance of social connection has become so important in our life that we even give status just after waking up in the morning.

I bought a holder which will hold my note pad with the machine and I can see what my connections are doing.

Meet deadlines

In today’s busy world, neither we can afford to miss the deadlines nor we can ignore the importance of live a healthy life. I have to maintain my superior’s deadline and that why most of the time I schedule to carry the works at home.

That’s why I got less chance to enjoy. In hence I have adjusted my enjoyment in doing training exercises.

So I don’t think that I require more motivation to exercise. I love my equipment and I love my hobby.

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