Stationary Bicycle vs. Treadmill

Stationary Bicycle vs. Treadmill: The Best Option for Weight Loss

We are living in an era where obesity is killing over ten people every minute. Lifestyle changes and excessive stress at work makes it almost impossible to afford those extra few minutes for ourselves. Choosing to jog a few miles a day or merely visit a gym becomes a tiring option after spending over 10 hrs working at an office.

Treadmill and stationary bicycles are considered as an excellent exercising alternative that can be easily installed at home. Installing these exercise gears at home not only helps one maintain good health but also promotes an active lifestyle.

Treadmill and Exercise bikes both are a very efficient exercising machine for good cardio, and multiple resistance level training builds up. However, choosing the right exercise gear for your home can be a confusing decision. Because many might be reluctant to accept both, it is a tough decision for sure. 

Both the treadmill and stationary bicycles promote aerobic exercising that helps in endorphin release, which in turn supports better pain relief. Exercising for a few minutes every day on either of the machines has also scientifically known to improve the mental status of patients suffering from depressive disorders.

Stationary bike vs. Treadmill, the Good vs. bad in both

Each of the exercise machines has its advantages and disadvantage for sure.

Stationary Bike

  • The rate of calorie burned is very minimal
  • Bone strength improvement is limited to the lower body only
  • Is not a feasible option for more depressed limb surgical patients
  • Improves the tonality of the lower body
  • Flexibility and muscular strength of the legs are improved
  • Reduces lower back related pain


  • Chances of tripping related accidents
  • Multitasking is not possible
  • Is not advisable for heart ailment patients.
  • Faster rate of calorie burn
  • Can be customized with various kind of workout routines
  • Safer than running on the rough outside terrains

Both stationary bikes and treadmills have their own sets of limitations and advantages. However, choosing the right exercise gear is often slightly confusing.

In case of a Stationary bike through the regime mostly involves the lower body.

However, the stationary state allows a better and safer position whereas, in case of a treadmill, one needs to carry their entire weight while running.

The treadmill

Running often is regarded as a very relaxing activity. However, running can become a difficult option when it's a matter of weather, terrain, and timings. You cannot simply choose to run on a rainy day or a rough and abrupt terrain. Nor can you do so in a relaxed fashion in the middle of a busy office work hour. 

treadmill the best option for weight loss

viable option. The treadmill allows an average of 50 to 250 calorie loss every hour which is outstanding progress. The electronic adjustments will enable one to custom allot the desired speed and duration without overworking or over stressing.

Treadmill promotes cardiovascular activities and also improves the blood circulation to a great deal. It is considered an excellent cardio exercise. Running as you listen to music on your iPod is not just relaxing, but it is also a great mood elevator.

Though a treadmill is a great exercise regime for people who love to run, the entire machine can be slightly noisy. The added need for ample space for placing the whole device horizontally makes it a somewhat difficult option, especially if you live in a small area.

The inclined angle setting along with speed control allows automatic improvement of the agility of the body without the need to go out and run of uneven terrain and harm you.

Stationary Bike

Cycling is another much-loved sport; however various constraint makes it tough many a time. Stationary bikes are an excellent choice for such cycling enthusiasts. They are particularly suitable for people suffering from lower body ache as they promote fluid, muscular movements in the lower parts of the body. 

Stationary bicycle the best option for weight loss

For people with extensive back problems, they can choose the recumbent exercise bike which is a reclined bike that can be worked on while supporting the entire back arch. Since cycling is not regarded as a weight-bearing exercise, it has often been included in the ‘comfortable’ exercise protocols.

A stationary bike improves muscular tonality and is also an excellent rehabilitation technique to enhance the physical abilities in case of limb immobility and other movement related issues.

A stationary bike often comes with an LCD console that clearly shows the speed and distance covered along with the calorie loss which is a great way to motivate someone to exercise better. Since the seats and the handle are often adjustable, and the pedal can be modified for a backward or forward cycling direction it is an excellent choice for anybody.

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