XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike Review

XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike Reviews

XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike

The XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike is an ideal bike for the user looking to lose weight, tone up, or stay in shape. It’s a comfortable and user-friendly recumbent bike available in the market today. It’s easy to get in and out, and a densely padded molded foam seat will give you comfort and support during the time of exercising.

For getting better usability and workout than before you can use the XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike on a regular basis. I have been enjoying my fitness exercise with this superior quality bike for the last couple of months and have noticed a rapid improvement in achieving my targeting goal.

If you think like me and want to reduce your weight effectively, you should keep it in your home for spending some quality time with this new generation bike.

Reliable v-belt

Among other so many lucrative features, the reliable v-belt is its remarkable aspect that gives a calm environment at the time of using the bike for exercise. Its along with 22-pound flywheel system is smooth and quiet, and with 24 resistance levels, you can challenge yourself as you reach your fitness goals.

Dual Color Backlit LCD Display

A significant characteristic of the Xterra Recumbent Bike, 22-Pound is its dual color backlit LCD display. It’s effectively suitable for monitoring the goal and achievement of the exercise program.

The large and easy to read dual color backlit LCD display also incorporates speakers for your MP3 player. In fact, the Xterra Recumbent Bike, 22-Pound is a work worthy and extraordinary recumbent bike available on the market.

Features and Specifications

  • The convenient walk-thru design comes with a comfortable molded seat bottom and a large back pad.
  • 22lb heavy duty flywheel offers premium, fluid motion.
  • The large Dual Color 5-Inch x 2.5-Inch LCD display is easy to read and comes w/heart rate receiver built in and speakers for an MP3 player.
  • 24 programs including 2 heart rate programs, 1 body fat program, 4 user-defined programs and a manual program.
  • 16 levels of resistance provide a variety of exercise options for all fitness levels.

 Customer Reviews and Scores

The Xterra Recumbent Bike, 22-Pound is with a comfortable molded seat bottom and large back pad as well as seat adjustments. It is also characterized by 24 programs including 2 heart rate programs, 1 body fat program, 4 user-defined programs and a manual program. All together has made the bike real stuff. By regular practice, with this, you can get all the services it provides.

When I am writing I found 18 customer reviews, they had awarded 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are fine overall, but few unremarkable points. One customer said, “My Overall assessment of design and build quality is poor. While using the bike the frame and seat post wiggles, lurches, and creaks loudly……..”

However, no one else raised such difficulty, perhaps it’s not a widespread problem. Another customer said, “I love this bike. It is inexpensive and just right for me. It has everything you need, however it does not have all the bells and whistles as the more expensive. But who needs them. Great bike!” It makes me easy to recommend the bike as well.

In summary, Xterra Recumbent Bike, 22-Pound is really a wonderful and appropriate recumbent bike that most real users love in their fitness program. The buyers are happy with their right purchase and would recommend the brand to others.

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