Schwinn 250 Review [Recumbent Exercise Bike]

Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike

17 preset programs (including profile and heart rate controlled programs); telemetry and contact heart rate monitoring; Schwinn Advantage workout journal

The Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike is a bike for providing you new horizon of fitness exercise at home as well as changing the way of your thinking about exercise equipment. It helps you customize your workouts to match your endurance level.

This bike will give you a diverse feeling at the time of using as it has a verity of exclusive features. You will of course get a better service and workout than the older one gives you now.

By making a short research you can select a best recumbent bike, but with buying the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike right now you will find complete workout instantly.  You can buy a new one available in the market that will give you more confidence for indoor cycling.

BioDyne Performance

The BioDyne performance of Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a remarkable characteristic. Its perimeter weighted flywheel provides a true road feel, smooth cycling and consistent workouts. The oversized stabilizers and levelers those are built-in for a solid workout platform. All these together makes the recumbent bike extra ordinary one as well as a bike of new generation likes.

BioConnect Feedback

Another significant aspect of this bike is the BioConnect feedback that point out the bike different from many other recumbent available in the market. Among the features the 17 preset programs including 8 profile courses, quick start, distance goal, fitness test etc. have made the bike more work worthy.

In fact, the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike is quite essential and suitable for regular exercisers.

Features and Specifications

  • Recumbent exercise bike with 16 levels of resistance; designed to mimic the feel of road riding with reduced joint and back strain.
  • 17 preset programs (including profile and heart rate controlled programs); telemetry and contact heart rate monitoring; Schwinn Advantage workout journal.
  • Console includes: speakers and MP3 input; two speed fan; water bottle holder and utility tray; adjustable console angle for multiple users.
  • Thickly padded seat with side bolsters and lumbar support; oversized pedals with toe straps.
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel; convenient transport wheels; under seat storage; comprehensive warranty coverage.

Customer Reviews and Scores

All kind of exercisers-from beginners to experts-can use the bike at home and can enjoy with the features programmable profiles and courses.  You can gauge your success for individual workouts and monitor your progress over the months. By daily using at home for fitness exercise you will find the real test of it.

I found 242 customer reviews at the time of writing; they had awarded the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise bike  4.1 out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall, but few petty points rose.

One customer said, “I fastened all the screws I could find, but the gap is still there like what I got out of the box. And when I ride it the screen shakes, it’s hard to read the screen. Also I found something broken inside the panel, a small piece dropped from inside.”

However, on one else seems have experienced the same, and perhaps it’s not a wide spread problem. Other customer said, “We really love it. The only issue we had with it is that the selection button is the type that is split; the lower or upper half to change functions.”

That’s make me easy to recommend the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise bike as well.

Therefore, the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike has highly adjustable resistance, heavy fly wheels and comfortable seats with the added benefit of lower back support. The chest belt electronically controlled magnetic resistance system; most real buyers are pleased with their right purchase and would recommend the brand to other.

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