Ride A Recumbent Bike And Grow Abs Stronger Than Ever

Riding a recumbent bike for doing workouts is a great source of exercise. Those workouts will affect and builds strong stomach muscle which are known as abdominal or abs exercise. This function includes breathing, sneezing and maintaining posture.

The exercise bike is a grand piece of equipment for cardio workouts. But you will be surprised to know that training on this machine will also enhance your stomach muscles since you are paddling at low heights.

As a footballer, I am using this wonderful bike for many months, I can say that when I used to exercise on that machine, I get backrest support and I have to engage my core muscle to hold myself up.

With that while paddling the bike, I put all my pressure to the legs to keep the circle running, I challenge my glute muscles. So this is the sign that exercising will definitely keep targeting to the abdominal part of body.

recumbent bike for abs

Sit back, relax, and feel the burn with a recumbent bike workout.

What are the direct benefits of strong abdominal muscles?

I have seen many of my fellow friends who do exercise in the gym, focus on the strength and sports specific exercises. But I did not neglect important muscular area of my body. Let’s focus what benefits I got as an exerciser.

  • Now I can lift heavier weight as it supports my spine.
  • I get relief from lower back pain.
  • As a footballer, now I can generate more energy to give a more powerful shot.
  • My body structure become lucrative so now I feel more confident.
  • Since my body becomes fit, I am living injury free sports career.
  • I feel less pressure in my hips, ankles and knees.
  • Now I quickly can recover from my workouts as it decreases my heart resting time.

Growing stronger abdominal muscle

Using this special exercise machine eventually distributed my body weight properly and allowed me to get more relax. Since I can settle down easily, my lungs are been benefited as getting more air circulation.

The beautiful design and upright position gave me full back support. Along with abdominals, my butt and legs also get chance to engage. Besides the stomach workouts improves my core strength and it helped to tone and slim my stomach.

Burning more fat and calories improves my abdominals appearance as I could give focus on my stomach muscles. I exercised in adjusting my body near to the paddle. So I needed to contribute more of my energy to paddling the wheel, means I am engaging my lower stomach muscles.

Along with that I usually pull my naval into my spine and holds for few seconds and releases. I repeat this exercise throughout the time and it will keep putting the pressure to my stomach muscle.

I also twist and push variety of crunches, leg raises activities to engage more of my cores. I know it will keep pressuring my abs.

These are the killer workout plan that worked for me to build stronger abdominal muscles.

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