10 Best Sites About Health, Exercise, Workouts, Nutrition & Advice Tips

10 Best Health and Fitness Websites

With the modern improvement in health care, people living prolonged and healthier lives than ever earlier.

You can assist your body and mind stay fit well into your brilliant years by using the Internet to read up on the latest in health care, nutrition, and exercises.

Following are ten sites we’ve put together to assist you to find what you require to stay blessed and healthy at any state of life.

1. 12 Minute Athlete:


12 Minute Athlete

12 Minute Athlete website and its associated mobile phone app furnish a group of awfully little bodyweight and apparatus-least exercise session. The better way is that it can perform exterior of a conventional gym setting. Also, they are the invention of previous gym guide Krista Stryker.

2. FitWatch:




This FitWatch site provides free fitness and nutrition tracking that permits you to keep track of your workouts and diet. Though there is also a paid version that gives more characteristics.

3. National Institutes of Health:


National Institutes of Health

Although this site is lovely dry, it faces everything you require to know about health and exercises. The outstanding things that make it stand out are that it lists all the latest news and scientific discoveries. That’s why; it’s a great place to keep up with what’s modern as well fresh.

4. Girls Gone Strong:


Girls Gone Strong

This site drives by a collective of seven female strength coaches. Girls Gone Strong assists, women of all shapes and sizes, to acquire strong and healthy and comprehend well about their bodies.

5. Summer Tomato:


Summer Tomato

Darya Rose, a Neuroscientist receives a dissimilar technique from most through this site. In fact, it concentrates on considerate eating over following a particular food. In addition, it workout manage and activate unto women who find that attempting to follow a particular diet guides against unease or unsteady intake.

6. NIH Senior Health:


NIH Senior Health

The National Institutes of Health offers seniors with a variety of information on the subject matter like bone health, nutrition, exercise and more on this site. One of the best things, you can synthesize text size or have it read out loud to you.

7. About.com Senior Health:

Look at this About.com theme for loads of write-up designed to help older people stay healthy and pleased. Through using this site older people can get benefit knowing different corners about their health and needed exercises including food.

8. MedLine Plus Seniors’ Health:


MedLine Plus Seniors’ Health

MedLine Plus Seniors’ Health site is full of the latest news on health and exercises. Especially they provide topics on senior health issues as well as reference materials, prevention and screening resources and much more as priority basis.

9. USA.gov for seniors:


USA.gov for seniors

At the time when you’re searching for government links to health resources, volunteering advantages or yet just on retirement you’ll discover them here. It is really an opportunity to receive exercise, food and overall health-related information for the seniors in a second.

10. Born Fitness:

Born Fitness

Adam Bornstein is one of the precious names in the fitness world. According to his name, this site has been introduced. He is also one of the leading voices expressing out against the occurrence of health check quackery and phony “magic pills” in the industry. Contribution to his training philosophy is outstanding on unconventional exercises. This is a popular site for achieving fitness.


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