Jogging vs Biking Exercise: The Expert Analysis

Jogging vs Biking Exercise: The Expert Analysis

Both running and indoor/outdoor spinning are good cardiovascular exercises, a great source of recreation and effective fitness activities. If your target is to lose an enormous amount of body fat by increasing your overall body strength, increase aerobic capability you can’t ignore the benefits of this two forms of workouts. I have done both large muscle rhythmic activities.

When I was 8 years old we shifted our home to Dixon, which is near about 40 miles away from my grandpa’s home and west of Sacramento in the Central Valley. From my dream childhood days, I have seen my father and grandpa went for jogging at sharp 6 AM. I used to wait until they return home.

As I grew old I also take running/jogging workout as one of my regular callisthenics and started to regular visit my nearest gym at Union Way, Vacaville. I carried out very specific equipment to continue my workouts until I hit by a drunken car driver near at my home in last December. I visited to a physician with my serve spinal pain. Till now I have to be attentive to avoid further injury.

My injury insists me to consult few health instructors and general practitioners. That why some my personal incidents convinced me to write today’s post about the inconvenience of doing these specific forms of exercise style. Since they are experts in their sectors I just wanted to convert their words into mine as I have experienced the real incidents.

Inconsistency in jogging:

Though there are many big advantages of running at outdoors, it is still not consistency in all terms and situation. There are some negative impacts as well.
• Compared to low-intensity workouts it requires continuous lots of body movements which can produce lots of muscle, knees, back injuries, joint problems, stress fractures and maladies.
• Though certain stress can be reduced by wearing safety kits, still there are chances to get a personal injury and who loves to take lots of precaution. I had fallen in the concrete while jogging and had to admit in the hospital for wrist bone fracture.
• It’s a high-intensity workout and requires lots of physical and psychological strength.
• Jogging in the extremely hot weather can be dangerous and if you have seating problems that will create an imbalance in fluids of your body.
• As now I have become 40 I am started to feel boring and the need of entertainment has just increased.

Inconsistency in Bike Exercise:

Cycling at indoor or outdoor is good means of the low instance but yet good aerobic exercise. Though the chance of getting bored are tentatively low yes I did not get so much fun riding an in-house or outhouse riding.
• Cycling is an aerobic exercise for lower body but for an upper body part I have to continue other weight-bearing exercise.
• Improper bike settings or poor forms of posture I had to deal with knee, finger, and thigh problems several times.
• Riding usually burns fewer calories and I didn’t get specific bone-building benefits.
• Regular biking equipment like spinning, stationary are not much safety from falling down to the ground due to no back support and small seat.

I had to deal with those difficulties until I get introduced with a recumbent exercise bike. The resistance level settings and little modification in exercising style facilitated me to increase the intensity level from low to high. Moreover, combination of doing exercises with few pounds of dumbbells & workout bands is helping me to build upper body strength and stamina.

Lastly, my spinal injury didn’t restrict me in continuing training in this bent at my home.

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