How I lose 20 Pounds in Just 4 Weeks | Bicycle Exercise for Weight Loss [4 Easy Steps]

Trying to find out exact workout plan is very important to reach the success line especially when you are targeting to lose your body weight.

Trust me; I know because I have gone through the same when I took target to reduce 20 pounds of weight at the beginning of this year. I started slowly because I know absorbing sudden change might be tough for my body.

Many of us think that we have to buy very high intensity workout equipments with thousands of dollar to lose body weight. The idea did not work for me as I have tried these all.

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Though you may find manageable option, to me I was not near to my goal until I have found the recumbent exercise bike so effective and versatile.

I am not nutrition expert but still I managed to lose 52 pounds in just 3 months. I did not change my daily food habit much instead I used the bent as comprehensive workout plan to flatten my body.

In hence I started with moderate intensity cardiovascular activity to incorporate high intensity exercise plan so that my body can prepared to take the challenge.

Moderate intensity:

Bike exerccise Moderate intensity


Before starting the workouts, I warm-up for 5 minutes to stretching my body to prepare for the training. Then I set the resistance level at 3 (100 watts) and continue doing this for 10 minutes.

Then again set at level 1 for another 5 minutes. I usually do it in two sets and take a rest of 5 minutes after each round.

High intensity:

Bike Exercise High intensity

After completing moderate intensity workout, I set the resistance level at 3 which is 100 watts and continue paddling for 5 minutes. Then set the resistance level at 3 (100 watts) and 1 (50 watts).

I exercise in this two level for 5 minutes each and take 5 minutes rest after completing one round. At the highest level I try to paddle the wheel as fast as possible.

I usually do not repeat the high intensity level more than one time since I also do full body workout just after completing the two sets of intensity level.

Full body workout plan:


Bike Exercise Full body workout plan

You may do not find necessity to do this body workout, as you can carry some upper body workout after finishing the recumbent exercise plan.

But my intension is to get most out from my investment I continue doing upper body workouts along with paddling the bent. I usually do this training for 15 minutes.

In this section I set the resistance level at 3 and carry two light weight dumbbells and paddle for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes I drop the weight and start paddling for another 5 minutes with same resistance level.

Again I take that weight in two hands and positioned to my head with my elbows straight. Then I bled them to lower towards the floor and pull back till the hands become straighten.

I do not change the resistance level. I do it one set for 2 minutes. And after dropping the dumbbell I continue paddling for 5 minutes.

Low intensity:


Exercise bike Low intensity

After completing the full body workout plan, I take rest for 5 minutes and set the bent’s resistance level at 1 and start paddling for another 5 minutes.

In 1st week I did the above sets for 5 days, in 2nd week 6 days and from 3rd week onwards I keep continue doing this workout plan daily. You know the best part I followed the plan and was able to reduce 20 pounds in just first 4 weeks.

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