A list of 5 Best Exercise Machines for Old Adult – Diabetes in Control

A list of 5 Best Exercise Equipment for Older Adults [Diabetes in Control]


Exercise in all stage of life is important to maintain fitness and to build strong inner core. The need of low intensity workouts will increase at the age of 50 plus people. But yet there are lots of equipments available to deliver the specific health need for old adult. The age will not give you the rights to stop caring yourself in physically and mentally.

As an average people of the city of NY, USA I retired from training when I crossed 56 and that why I put on some extra pounds in my body. Though I was so active at my young ages, my health condition limits me in continuing workouts.

After a certain age, losing weight is very tough due to metabolism, my health adviser said. Yet my energy level needed some serious boosts and after 6 months of doing workouts in different equipment’s I proudly say that I have reduces 36 pounds.

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Why Seniors Need Equipment:



home exercise equipment for seniors

To reach the success line I had to fix some targets or outcomes those I want to get from using certain exercise tools. My physical instructor helped me in choosing specific kits for exact results.

I have succeeded because I believe in my strength rather just lighting the number of candles in my birthdays!! I have listed down my desire health targets as bellow to finalize exercising equipment.

• The stats of heart diseases are very alarming. This is the main reason for doing workouts at tough ages. Clogs arteries and LDL cholesterol are the main culprits for the heart illness.

• I have seen many seniors who are at my age, have been ended their life due to high blood pressure. Blood vessel hurts kidneys and main factor for heart attack.

• Prevention of osteoporosis is also important factor at old age. This disease weakens human bone.

• If you do not attentive in your immune system then you are inviting certain bacteria and diseases to develop. Upper and lower body training system can reduce this risk.

• Regular exercise helped my joints to become flexible to move around and builds my muscular level including boosts my energy level.

Best Alternatives for Old Adults:


So based on those few targets I had chosen my exercise tools which can deliver the above benefits. The equipments were treadmills, spinning bike, recumbent exercise bike, abdomen/back extension machine, indoor rower machine. These machines have specialty in delivering certain benefits.

Indoor Rower:


To build strong muscular, burning fat and to increase energy indoor rowing machine are quite effective but pricing a bit high.



Treadmills for Old Adult

To carry out high intensity workouts I have found the machine very efficient and yet by reducing the resistance level I also got benefited. As walking is one of the recommended exercise, running and walking in treadmills can reduce LDL Cholesterol.

Spinning Bike:


Spinning Bike for Old Adult

Indoor riding is fun and beneficial to knee joints and it is low cardiovascular activity. Getting on and off are very easy and exercising in this bike helped me to build strong immune system.

Abdomen/back Extension Machine:


back Extension Machine for Old Adult

After using this machine, now I can feel that I am comfortable in extending or straightening my spine and it increases the coordination of lower back movements.

Recumbent Bike:


Best Exercise Bike for Seniors

This bent is wonderful cardiovascular exercise and target more numbers of muscles. I feel less pressure in my hips, knees and moreover it’s a rehabilitation tool for even disability peoples.

It is still helping me in building lower extremities, since I can do upper body exercise along with riding; it is flattening my upper body too.

I also changed my dietary plan as per my fitness coach to get better results.

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