Worst experience I have got from Indoor exercise

Worst experience I have got from Indoor exercise

You may have several horizon fitness goals and surely getting injured is not one of them. Exercising is the best way to keep you fresh and active. It helps to maintain a balanced life mentally and physically. You always try to choose workouts instruments according to your comfort zone. For many reasons, you may have to deal with inconsistency while exercising like doing excess workouts, wrong workouts for your body type.

Starting my training classes: I was born in Ballarat, Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia. I lived my childhood at near Yarrowee River of Central Western Victoria. I played and passed my golden times in enjoying the views of hills and mountains of Great Dividing Range. From childhood, my parents convince me to join local exercise training institute. My parents were worried about my fat weight, so I started to take professional training nearby my home.

In last year, first Sunday of July, I went to my favourite place for regular exercise. It was an ordinary day like other. Normally I start with warm-up exercise and then I shift different types of equipment to increase my stamina. That day after doing body stretch workout I run on the treadmills for 30 minutes and take 10 minutes rest. Then I thought to bench-press of 110kg. It was a part of my shoulder and wrist strengthening workout.
I usually do this weight pumping 4 sets, but after 2nd sets, suddenly the bar I was pumping slipped and it crushed me. I was trapped under the weight for near about 20 minutes until the gym safety team arrived and rescues me. My fellow gym mates also rushed to save me. I was admitted to the nearest hospital and was under medical care for about 9 months.

I was injured so badly that I became senseless right after the incidents, and when I open my eyes, I found myself lying on the bed of a hospital. I hardly could move my lower back. I also had a mild injury in the Acromioclavicular (AC) joints sprain. Hospital’s health instructor strictly prohibited to do any sort of weightlifting exercise for rest of my life.

The story of Come back again to the track:

I backed home after 2 months of medical treatments. Since I am mad about keeping myself fit, I started looking some alternative home exercises. After the restriction time of 9 long months, my health consultant advised me to carry out such exercises which won’t affect my injury. Keep that in mind I have started searching the suitable equipment and from a magazine, I came to know about the schwinn 250 recumbent exercise bike first time.

Choosing perfect equipment:

I have studied and visited some health specialist to know the benefits and the consequences of continuing workouts in this bent. After satisfying all desire I brought this beautiful beast at my home and started exercising after 10 months of my accidents. Though at the first time I feel hazy again just like the first day of my gym memory, I slowly begin to be dependent upon this nice kit.
The usefulness of the machine convinced me to say that my worst memory of gym incidents begins to fade.

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