The Ultimate Recumbent Exercise Bike Guide Beginner

The Ultimate Recumbent Exercise Bike Guide Beginner

Now a day’s indoor exercising bike has become very popular than outdoor cycling due its flexibility and results. This workouts type is an ideal way to start for the beginner to get proper health fitness. People have become more conscious to live a healthy life.

When I first started, I focused on longer workouts rather than the harder way to get better muscular strength and cardiovascular stamina. I find the recumbent workout bikes are easy to handle, lose weight, low impact on the joints to push the paddle, and more importantly no worry about the negative consequences.

If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will find this machine is perfect to obtain the goal and there is a wide range of variety in the features as multilevel resistance settings, the sophisticated digital display system to monitor heart rates, calorie burn, time, even social networking opportunity and distanced covers.

Before starting the workouts I personally visited exercise trainer to learn and set a path to achieve my long-term goal. I first learned about the benefit, the usage criteria and then I developed a plan. Today I want to disclose my secret with you.

Goal setting:

Setting and understanding the need to achieve a target is really important. If you do not know the destination how you can prepare yourself for the journey. My ultimate goal is to build cardiovascular stamina and muscular effort. So rather targeting the time for burning fat I aim for the strength. I know it can increase my endurance, it will help me to exercise for more time without being harder.

Additionally, the more time I spend on the training, more fat will burn, and automatically blood circulation to heart will increase. It will also enhance my lungs, stomach, and muscles.

Body Stretching and Warming-up: I did not jump on the bent directly and starts paddling with all my energy. Rather I emphasized on warming up and still, I do that before starting regular exercise. It basically helped me to prepare my muscle to begin. It will increase the heart rhythm and body temperature, my instructor said. I usually do it for 5 to 10 minutes max.

Starts with interval training: My instructor gave me an important tip about doing interval training as I was switching the exercise equipment. Luckily my bike has incorporated programs to start interval training with low resistance level. So if your bike does not have this option, then set the difficulty level at lowest and then begin the real game.

The big game: Before starting the real exercise, I made plans for every week so that I can monitor my growth and take necessary arrangement where it will require. Gradually I increase the training time. Every weak I add 10 minutes and track the calorie burn rate and try to find the growth. By this, I have increased the workouts time over longer training session.

As per the plan, I started increasing the resistance level so that I could involve more of my energy to paddle. Doing so, I successfully avoided the back and ankles pain. Remember to take a break of 1 to 2 minutes after 15 minutes workouts; it will prepare you for the next level.

Besides, I take 2 sips of water after 10 to 15 minutes interval and eat a light meal 1 hour before starting the daily routine.

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