Recumbent Vs Stationary Vs Indoor cycle workouts: How I get rid of my fat pant?

Recumbent Vs Stationary Vs Indoor cycle workouts: How I get rid of my fat pant?

I made it possible to drop my pant size to look better and now I can fit myself in my old skinny jeans. Though the belly fat is nothing to make jokes about but it may cause several risks to your life. I know if I have to carry the extra fat one day I may face cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and mostly sleep apnea.

What causes men to have belly fat?

The dangerous news is that if you have 40 inches of waist size, then you are just few steps behind from high risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease. As a man, we love to store fat in our gut rather than the lower body. Our different lifestyle accelerates to weight accumulation in our daily life.

There are certain reasons of gaining extra ponds on our belly. Aging and the hormones increases to gain fat on our stomach, our food taking habit, and physically inactive lifestyle are the most common reasons of increasing fat in our stomach. Taking alcohol, sugary foods and beverage, low protein diet and low fiber diet are also important causes of belly fat.

The Truth About Losing Belly Fat:

I have visited few health specialists to learn about losing my big fat pant. They have suggested me several ways to walk to the destination like taking healthy food, following dietary nutrition, low and high intensity workouts. This is not a secret that today the modern technology has gifted us so many equipments to get rid of extra fat. Personally I have used the bellow exercising tools to make my journey smother.

Exercising in Stationary and Other Indoor Cycling:

When I fixed my goal to reduce my belly fat, I joined an exercise center to get a smooth path. I started exercising in some indoor cycling kits as stationary or upright bike. Riding this cycle was not so comfortable for me due its small seat and I felt risky of felling down to ground. I had to struggle with my balance. To keep the balancing, I ended up in back pain. Along with that my trainer advised to include few abs strengthening workouts as twisting, seated and push crunches and leg raises along with riding bike.

As I had to continue long time to get better results in burning stomach fat, I used to get less chance in spending family time. So I looked for alternative solution.

Amazing Results in Recumbent bike:

After joining to an exercise training institute, I have found going to the spot is little hazy since I got less chance to spend with my family. That’s why I bought a recumbent exercise bike which changed my life. I found the bent is more comfortable than other equipment as I don’t have to do other exercises especially to lose my belly fat. It motivates me significantly that now I can spend little time with my family even while riding on the machine.

To engage my abs muscle I hold my back straight to the back seat and keep a good posture. After then I pull my stomach and paddling in high resistance. It helps me to put extra pressure to my tummy and accelerate the fat burning process. Since the bike is designed to keep the paddle little far in semi seating position to ground, the pressure is automatically putting in my belly.

I wonder that if I have not back pain problem, I could get chance to do other style of workouts to lose my stomach fat faster than now.

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