Ignoring 5 Safety Tips will Ruin Your Fitness

Ignoring 5 Safety Tips will Ruin Your Fitness

Indoor cycling workouts now become very popular cardiovascular exercise for all fitness people around the glove. But there are certain risks to concern while trying new and exciting training equipments because taking these lightly, you ended up with an injury that can restricts you from doing workouts for several months’ even whole life.

Also many instructors are so crazy about showing creativity that they guide new techniques and some of those ended with health injury. I know because I have gone through this when I joined in a training class near my home at California. To me it’s not always the trainer’s fault to guide us perfectly. I inspired to write this post after the new instructor joined in my training centre.

Basically indoor cycling are safe but I make sure the followings safety measurement to enjoy my riding time. Definitely I don’t want to ruin my favorite time and ended up in back, knee, neck or shoulder pain.

Know your Equipment:

When you are using an indoor bike, remember that indoor bikes are being made only for indoor exercise!!! Is kind of a funny statement when you first read, right? But if you try to push up for upper body strength will not be a good idea unless you chose the proper bike for doing that. It’s always risky to carry out arm-toning movements while riding on bike. Recumbent exercise bike are the most capable indoor kits in which I can do upper body training.

Putting Equipment Away:

I always try to be careful about putting the right equipment at the right place after finishing my routine workouts so that my used tools may not hurt another trainee who will walk or run or use same kits. So I never wait for the cleaner/helper to move away the equipments.

Bike set up:

Since the bike size is smaller than my body, there could be risk of breaking the machine, or I could fell down to ground with physical and financial losses. I make proper adjustments before riding. I double check the seat, back rest, paddle and most importantly the resistance setup level. Simple imbalance can cause serve injury.

Eat right:

I eat cucumbers, strawberries or watermelon before starting the exercise because I know these foods will contribute to my fluid intake. My trainer also taught me to take salty snacks such as nuts or olives because while you are working out you are sweating and sufficient amount of salt is dripping out from body. Remember your body is like a vehicle and as engine needs fuel thus you need right foods when you are burning calorie.

Medical restrictions:

The new instructor asked me about medical problems because some restrictions prohibited doing certain workouts and while you are doing indoor exercise with bents, there will not be any exception as well. So I consulted a physician to check my cardiovascular conditions, back pain, knee pain or other muscle related problems. The training instructor helped me in understanding effects of riding indoor recumbent workout bike and I convey the information to my physician. Since I had back pain, my doctor advised me to continue workouts carefully as riding bent exercising machine will fitted with back rest and it will not incur so much stress on the spine.

Most importantly, I try to maintain proper focus while training exercise so that I can understand when I should stop.

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